3.011 – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

An extra long episode for Devin, Jenny, and Wes to express their sadness.

3.010 – Daredevil Season 2 Review

Devin and Wes go deep on the new season of Daredevil.

3.009 – Zootopia Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review Zootopia!

3.008 – Snatch Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review one of their favorites, Snatch.

3.007 – Deadpool Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review Deadpool!

3.006 – A Subtle Commentary on McCarthyism

New Girl, Megan Fox, Once Upon a Time, Elementary, Bourne Trailer, Lucifer, Dawn of Justice, X-men, Random Song, Shannara Chronicles, love triangles, Korra, Eureka, Broad Church, Legends of the Fall, Dragon Ball Z, Jessica Jones, QI Stephen Fry, BSG Movie

3.005 – Citizen Kane Review

Devin, Wes, and Jenny tackle the epic classic, Citizen Kane!

3.004 – Jessica Jones Part 2 Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes finish their in depth review of the Jessica Jones series!

3.003 – It’s From Ocean’s Eleven

Alan Rickman, Jane Austen Adaptations, Clueless, Sherlock Holmes, Marvel, Hunger Games, 2009 BBC Emma, 1995 Sense & Sensibility, World War 3, The Night Manager, British/American Accents, War and Peace, Paul Dano, Count of Monte Cristo, Netflix: Series of Unfortunate Events, Jude Law, Ant-man, Spy, Elementary, Pretty Woman, The Piano, 101 Dalmations, Tangled, Beauty and the… Read more »

3.002 – Star Wars Original Trilogy Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes discuss all three movies from the original Star Wars trilogy.