3.011 – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

An extra long episode for Devin, Jenny, and Wes to express their sadness.

3.010 – Daredevil Season 2 Review

Devin and Wes go deep on the new season of Daredevil.

3.009 – Zootopia Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review Zootopia!

3.008 – Snatch Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review one of their favorites, Snatch.

3.007 – Deadpool Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review Deadpool!

3.006 – A Subtle Commentary on McCarthyism

New Girl, Megan Fox, Once Upon a Time, Elementary, Bourne Trailer, Lucifer, Dawn of Justice, X-men, Random Song, Shannara Chronicles, love triangles, Korra, Eureka, Broad Church, Legends of the Fall, Dragon Ball Z, Jessica Jones, QI Stephen Fry, BSG Movie

3.005 – Citizen Kane Review

Devin, Wes, and Jenny tackle the epic classic, Citizen Kane!

3.004 – Jessica Jones Part 2 Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes finish their in depth review of the Jessica Jones series!

3.003 – It’s From Ocean’s Eleven

Alan Rickman, Jane Austen Adaptations, Clueless, Sherlock Holmes, Marvel, Hunger Games, 2009 BBC Emma, 1995 Sense & Sensibility, World War 3, The Night Manager, British/American Accents, War and Peace, Paul Dano, Count of Monte Cristo, Netflix: Series of Unfortunate Events, Jude Law, Ant-man, Spy, Elementary, Pretty Woman, The Piano, 101 Dalmations, Tangled, Beauty and the… Read more »

3.002 – Star Wars Original Trilogy Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes discuss all three movies from the original Star Wars trilogy.

  • 2.039 – Premier Season!

    Recorded 10.02.15 Premier show season! Heroes reborn webisodes Rick and Morty The Muppets Mindy project Doctor who Thor 2 Sky Captain That sugar film Upstairs downstairs Costumes in shows Blindspot Guardians of the galaxy cartoon Aladdin cartoon Ducktales movie Marry Poppins 2 Bambi Animaniacs movie! Nick toons Are you afraid of the dark? Jungle book… Read more »

  • 2.038 – Rogue Nation Review

    Recorded 08.14.15 Devin and Wes review the latest Mission Impossible film Rogue Nation! This message will self destruct.

  • 2.037 – Simon Pegg is a Sexy Man

    Recorded 08.14.15 Here are all the things: Fury road, Imperator Furiosa┬ácostume Milo and Otis is horrible Fern gully Cut can rings! Specter trailer, ­čÖü Leonardo D iCaprio – Jeremiah Johnson Looking forward to Crimson peak Supernatural Iron man Jessica Jones teaser Great British bake off Tiny house nation Spaced Simon Pegg

  • 2.036 – Nielsen Survey

    Here are all the things: Recorded 08.07.15 Nielsen survey! Mission impossibles JJ Abrams good or bad? Star trek ’09 Does Original star wars trilogy hold up? Phantom menace is shit Except for Darth maul It happened one night The shop around the corner Captain America ending Agent Carter Mr Holmes Love actually Irish romcom standby… Read more »

  • 2.035 – Ant-Man Review

    Time to get tiny. Devin and Wes review Ant-Man.

  • 2.034 – Dawn of Failure

    Recorded 07.24.15 Here are all the things: Dawn of justice trailer The Brink episode 1 review Comic con Muppets promo trailer Bsg Complaints X-Files complaints

  • 2.033 – Inside Out Review

    Recorded 07.03.15 Devin and Wes go inside out about the new Pixar film Inside Out!

  • 2.032 – You’re A Hard Man to Find

    Recorded┬á07.03.15 Here are all the things: You’re a hard man to find Lifetime movie with will Farrell Jonathan strange and Mr norell Killjoys and other sci-fi shows suck Another period, real housewives spoof Wes watches Kiki’s delivery service Devin started X-Files Supernatural tropes

  • 2.031 – All the finales

    Recorded┬á06.26.15 Here are all the things: James Horner death Community finale Finales in general Wes spoils game of thrones season 5 Rick Baker special effects studio bullshit Jonathan strange and Mr norell Wayward Pines and its ridiculousness. Danger 5 – Wes loves it. Jurassic World sexism again.

  • 2.030 – Jurassic World Review

    Wes and Devin talk about Jurassic World. ┬áThey both loved it to bits, and Devin cried a lot. ┬áDiscussed in depth are how freakishly hot Chris Pratt is and whether or not the movie is sexist the way lots of people are saying it is.