3.011 – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

An extra long episode for Devin, Jenny, and Wes to express their sadness.

3.010 – Daredevil Season 2 Review

Devin and Wes go deep on the new season of Daredevil.

3.009 – Zootopia Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review Zootopia!

3.008 – Snatch Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review one of their favorites, Snatch.

3.007 – Deadpool Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review Deadpool!

3.006 – A Subtle Commentary on McCarthyism

New Girl, Megan Fox, Once Upon a Time, Elementary, Bourne Trailer, Lucifer, Dawn of Justice, X-men, Random Song, Shannara Chronicles, love triangles, Korra, Eureka, Broad Church, Legends of the Fall, Dragon Ball Z, Jessica Jones, QI Stephen Fry, BSG Movie

3.005 – Citizen Kane Review

Devin, Wes, and Jenny tackle the epic classic, Citizen Kane!

3.004 – Jessica Jones Part 2 Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes finish their in depth review of the Jessica Jones series!

3.003 – It’s From Ocean’s Eleven

Alan Rickman, Jane Austen Adaptations, Clueless, Sherlock Holmes, Marvel, Hunger Games, 2009 BBC Emma, 1995 Sense & Sensibility, World War 3, The Night Manager, British/American Accents, War and Peace, Paul Dano, Count of Monte Cristo, Netflix: Series of Unfortunate Events, Jude Law, Ant-man, Spy, Elementary, Pretty Woman, The Piano, 101 Dalmations, Tangled, Beauty and the… Read more »

3.002 – Star Wars Original Trilogy Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes discuss all three movies from the original Star Wars trilogy.

  • 2.029 – Tomorrowland Review

    Wes and Devin work through their feelings of disappointment for Tomorrowland and rave about the parts that they did like.  Lots of what might have been talk, in this episode.

  • 2.028 – Mad Max: Fury Road Review

    Devin and Wes drive through dust storms and light things on fire in their review of Mad Max: Fury Road.  This movie is full of awesome lady roles and freaking amazing stunts and practical effects.  Let’s drive!      

  • 2.027 – Inundated With Spiders

    Recorded 05.22.15 Age of Ultron’s wasted potential is still weighing on Devin.  Wes found a new fetish.  We dig further into the potential pros and cons of fan casting vs fan influence on plot and other aspects of shows.  Also, race-bending and gender-bending of characters.

  • 2.026 – Spirited Away Review

    Wes watches his first Miyazaki film, Spirited Away!  Listen as Wes and Devin wax poetic about the animation and ramble about the wonderful weirdness of this classic.

  • 2.025 – Shoulder Pads and Glitter Everywhere

    Recorded 05.17.15 Devin and Wes discuss if it’s even possible to make a good RomCom anymore.  And they both look back on what it was like watching television as children.  Devin hates when people say Totoro wrong and wants to know why there’s a random incest plot in the The Judge.  Plus, Wes is totally… Read more »

  • 2.024 – Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

    Listen as we all say that we liked Avengers: Age of Ulton and then proceed to say almost nothing nice about it for the duration of the podcast.  Topics include: Black Widow and Hulk, Tony’s characterization, how there are about 1,000 characters in this film, if the new additions to the team were well served,… Read more »

  • 2.023 – Arcs of Obviousnessisisity

    In this episode we talk extensively about how annoying fake typing is, romantic comedy tropes, and “strong female characters” on Louie.  Plus Devin watched all of Penny Dreadful.

  • 2.022 – Netflix Daredevil Review

    Devin, Wes, and Jenny tackle the new Daredevil series from Netflix!  We watched all 13 episodes and have a lot to say.  Listen as we discuss the casting, costuming, plotting, individual episodes, and everything else.  Warning, the end is a little abrupt, since our recorder randomly ran out of juice.

  • 2.021 – Where do you want this?

    Recorded 4.24.15 This week, Devin watched Song of the Sea.  It’s so beautiful, everyone should watch it just to treat their eyeballs to some freaking amazing art.  We also discuss pre-judging media based on the tastes of other people we know, and if the “Netflix” method of delivery kills fandom creation.

  • 2.020 – Casablanca Review

    Wes and Devin tackle the best movie ever made.  We cover if it really is the best movie ever made, how all the good quotes are from this film, and how Captain Renault is our favorite person ever.  It’s basically just a whole episode about how freaking great Casablanca is.