3.011 – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

An extra long episode for Devin, Jenny, and Wes to express their sadness.

3.010 – Daredevil Season 2 Review

Devin and Wes go deep on the new season of Daredevil.

3.009 – Zootopia Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review Zootopia!

3.008 – Snatch Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review one of their favorites, Snatch.

3.007 – Deadpool Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review Deadpool!

3.006 – A Subtle Commentary on McCarthyism

New Girl, Megan Fox, Once Upon a Time, Elementary, Bourne Trailer, Lucifer, Dawn of Justice, X-men, Random Song, Shannara Chronicles, love triangles, Korra, Eureka, Broad Church, Legends of the Fall, Dragon Ball Z, Jessica Jones, QI Stephen Fry, BSG Movie

3.005 – Citizen Kane Review

Devin, Wes, and Jenny tackle the epic classic, Citizen Kane!

3.004 – Jessica Jones Part 2 Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes finish their in depth review of the Jessica Jones series!

3.003 – It’s From Ocean’s Eleven

Alan Rickman, Jane Austen Adaptations, Clueless, Sherlock Holmes, Marvel, Hunger Games, 2009 BBC Emma, 1995 Sense & Sensibility, World War 3, The Night Manager, British/American Accents, War and Peace, Paul Dano, Count of Monte Cristo, Netflix: Series of Unfortunate Events, Jude Law, Ant-man, Spy, Elementary, Pretty Woman, The Piano, 101 Dalmations, Tangled, Beauty and the… Read more »

3.002 – Star Wars Original Trilogy Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes discuss all three movies from the original Star Wars trilogy.

  • 2.019 – It’s a Laser Sword!

    Recorded 04.17.15 In this Jenny-less episode, Wes and Devin tackle laugh tracks and how to make a really decent comic book adaptation.  Plus we spend way too long talking about playing card games in media.

  • 2.018 – Yojimbo Review

    The trio tackles the 1961, Akira Kurosawa classic, Yojimbo!  We all really enjoyed the film.  And, Wes even did the extra credit and watched Fist Full of Dollars, too.  So there’s some nice comparisons made.  If you’ve never seen this flick, it’s certainly worth a watch.

  • 2.017 – Dammit Jim! You’re a District Attorney!

    Recorded 4.10.2015 In this episode, we spend way too long talking about the dreaded “Next Time On” and “Previously On”.  Devin complains about Arrow and tells a story about Jenny spit-taking on a lady at Comic-Con.

  • 2.016 – The Monkey with a Knife and Nothing to Lose

    Recorded 04.02.15 In this episode we take a trip down memory lane and discuss a lot of things from our childhood including children’s chapter books, movies we obsessed with as kids, Studio Ghibli films, Sailor Moon, and toys that make annoying sounds.  We also dig into the “I have to tell you something important” trope,… Read more »

  • 2.015 – Love Angle TM and RFTYEHB

    Episode Recorded 03.28.2015 Settle in for a long haul.  This is our longest episode yet.  Wes made a breakthrough he’s anxious to discuss. Devin has dived into the new BBC drama taking the UK by storm, Poldark. And, as usual, she’s got some strong opinions about it.

  • 2.014 – Just Lesbians and Norm Abram

    Recorded 03.12.15 Apparently this is our reality television episode.  Plus we spend a great deal of time discussing what weird, unhelpful super powers we’d like to have, what two characters combine to make us, trick or treating, binging shows, and if hungry lady jokes are sexist.

  • 2.013 – Wait…What’s Going On In Canada?

    Episode recorded 03.05.15 Devin just binge watched all of The Mindy Project, so that plays a major role of discussion in this episode.  We breakdown some “will they, won’t they” tropes and how Mindy Project plays into or out of them, etc.

  • 2.012 – Kingsman The Secret Service Review

    We all loved Kingsman: The Secret Service.  Listen to us discuss the beauty of every moment that Colin Firth is on the screen and how obsessed we are with Mark Strong.  Lots of places to improve are discussed as well as just general gushing for this delightfully violent film.

  • 2.011 – Speaking of Hard R’s

    Okay folks!  Sorry for the delay, but here’s our ramble from 2.19.2015. Here’s the scoop: Mimics from RPG video games, Comic Con, Simpsons Tree House of Horrors, Frozen theories, weird fan theories in general, Elementary, Game of Thrones Special, The Flash, Krod Mandoon And the Flaming Sword of Fire, Parks and Recreation, Arrow, the SNL… Read more »

  • 2.010 – Jupiter Ascending Review

    Boy did we enjoy reviewing Jupiter Ascending.  Listen as we rip this movie to pieces and afterward try to find the nuggets of goodness that were hidden within it’s fancy visual effects.  Lots of talk about failures of plot, character, and theme.