3.011 – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

An extra long episode for Devin, Jenny, and Wes to express their sadness.

3.010 – Daredevil Season 2 Review

Devin and Wes go deep on the new season of Daredevil.

3.009 – Zootopia Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review Zootopia!

3.008 – Snatch Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review one of their favorites, Snatch.

3.007 – Deadpool Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes review Deadpool!

3.006 – A Subtle Commentary on McCarthyism

New Girl, Megan Fox, Once Upon a Time, Elementary, Bourne Trailer, Lucifer, Dawn of Justice, X-men, Random Song, Shannara Chronicles, love triangles, Korra, Eureka, Broad Church, Legends of the Fall, Dragon Ball Z, Jessica Jones, QI Stephen Fry, BSG Movie

3.005 – Citizen Kane Review

Devin, Wes, and Jenny tackle the epic classic, Citizen Kane!

3.004 – Jessica Jones Part 2 Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes finish their in depth review of the Jessica Jones series!

3.003 – It’s From Ocean’s Eleven

Alan Rickman, Jane Austen Adaptations, Clueless, Sherlock Holmes, Marvel, Hunger Games, 2009 BBC Emma, 1995 Sense & Sensibility, World War 3, The Night Manager, British/American Accents, War and Peace, Paul Dano, Count of Monte Cristo, Netflix: Series of Unfortunate Events, Jude Law, Ant-man, Spy, Elementary, Pretty Woman, The Piano, 101 Dalmations, Tangled, Beauty and the… Read more »

3.002 – Star Wars Original Trilogy Review

Devin, Jenny, and Wes discuss all three movies from the original Star Wars trilogy.

  • 2.009 – We’re very thorough here, at Burger King

    Recorded 02.12.2015 In no particular order, in this episode we discuss Agent Carter, Backstrom, House M.D., The Flash, dumb dating things on television, New Girl, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Malcom in The Middle, Bryan Cranston, Better Call Saul, Galaxy Quest, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, David Tennent as The Purple Man, Spider-Man’s back with Marvel, The… Read more »

  • 2.008 – Stranger Than Fiction Review

    Another movie all three of us loved.  We breakdown the wonderful world of Harold Crick, how Emma Thompson can do no wrong, how Dustin Hoffman probably can’t either, the amazing visual effects, the soundtrack, and more.

  • 2.007 – Tiny Little Fairy Schnoz

    This episode was recorded on 02.05.2015.  Starting with a sad discussion on Red vs Blue, we move onto the new Fantastic Four trailer, Spider-Man & Miles Morales, Dare Devil, Super Bowl predictions by EA Games, Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, Age of Ultron, Punisher rumors, Indiana Jones rumors, Strange Magic, the trailers for Annie, Hulu Ads, the Super… Read more »

  • 2.006 – The Fifth Element Review

    We all love The Fifth Element.  Listen as we discuss Luke Perry’s “And” credit, clumsy duck aliens, world design, costume, Bruce Willis as a blonde, Gary Oldman being the best ever, Multi-Passes, and whether or not this movie fails it’s main character.

  • A Bit of Fry and Laurie

    2.005 – Broccoli Milk Would Smell So Bad

    Recorded 01.20.15 We start off with a discussion about the Giving Tree and how much it sucks and move onto Parks & Rec, Rick and Morty, seating arrangements, dying from playing video games, first celebrity crushes, Disney sequels, Fox and the Hound, Castle – Nathan Fillian, Alec Baldwin, Star Trek 3, MacGyver, MacGruber, superhero things,… Read more »

  • 2.004 – The Running Man Review

    In this review, we tackle the 1987 action flick, The Running Man.  As a contrast to our last review, we found it hard to think of mean things to say about this movie.  So settle in for a love fest!

  • 2.003 – Award Shows, Shmamord Shmows

    This ramble was recorded on 1.15.2015!  We start off complaining about awards shows and move on to Downton Abbey, Glee, audiobooks, House M.D, Agent Carter, Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending, Halle Berry, James Bond, LOTR: Two Towers, blu ray HD quality, Twilight, and Castle.

  • 2.002 – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Review

    Fair warning to people who like this movie, all three of us hated it.

  • 2.001 – That Useless Holiday in the Middle of Useless Time

    The first episode!  But actually, this isn’t even close to the first episode.  We’ve been recording this podcast for almost a year now, and I’ve just been way too lazy to get the website up and running and actually post episodes. Eventually , that backlog of episodes will all be posted in an archives section. This episode and… Read more »