Stuff you might want to know in advance.

1. Spoilers!  Spoilers, everywhere!

We try to list all the topics we discuss in the show notes.  If you see a topic you don’t want to be spoiled on and that topic is listed in the show notes, you’ve been warned.  We’re not the best about doing actual spoiler warnings, in the actual episodes, while we’re talking.

2. The episodes are super long.

No really, most of them are at least an hour and a half, but we usually don’t go over two hours.

3. We cuss a lot.

A lot.  Jenny and Devin especially, have the mouths of sailors that haven’t seen land or vitamin c for months.  Yes, they have scurvy.

4. Devin says “like” a lot.

Like, no, really.  She’s like, working on it.  Sorry if it annoys you.